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Meet Your Chiropractor

Dr. Christine Crawford, DC

About Dr. Crawford

Dr. Crawford, originally from Dundas, Ontario, Canada moved to Michigan after graduating high school.

When she began her studies at Eastern Michigan University, she was enrolled in the pre-nursing program.


Upon finishing her first year she took a part time summer job as a Chiropractic Assistant for

Dr. Pat Chelenyak at the Novi Chiropractic Clinic.  After the first week, Dr. Pat took her to a Chiropractic seminar

at which she introduced her as “her Chiropractic Assistant who wants to be a nurse, but by the end of the day will most

likely want to be a Chiropractor”.  Sure enough, she was right!


After completing the second year of pre-requisites, she headed down to Life University in Marietta, GA to obtain her

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She completed it and graduated in September of 2002.


Upon graduating, she moved back to Michigan, and began working as an Associate Doctor at Hofmann Chiropractic in

Allen Park. She then went to work at Logan Chiropractic in Warren and Taylor until she had her twin girls in 2010. At

that time, Dr. Crawford took a break from Chiropractic to care for them and their older brother.


After a few years, she began doing vacation coverage for many Doctors of Chiropractic in the Metro Detroit area

. At this time, she also began a career as a Health Science Instructor at Baker College of Allen Park. She taught there

for 6 ½ years. In recent years, she was working at Siegel Chiropractic in Woodhaven, up until early 2020.


Dr. Crawford is a resident of Grosse Ile, Michigan, where she has been raising her teenagers Luke, and twins Amber

and Alyssa . 


Dr. Crawford helps a wide variety of people, from infants to seniors. Her techniques include: Full-Spine Hands

Adjusting, Diversified, Flexion/Distraction table, Gonstead, Drop Table, Activator Instrumentation, Soft Tissue Release

, Trigger Point Therapy and Cranial Sacral work. She is also certified through the I

nternational Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s Pediatric and Pregnancy Program and is Webster’s Technique Certified.

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